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Electronic Employment Agencies Service


The Electronic Employment Agencies Services (e-EAS) was launched today (July 5), allowing employment agencies (EAs) to more conveniently submit various licence-related applications, including applications for issue of a new licence, applications for renewal of licence, applications for change of place of business/associates, etc. online. The e-EAS user manual is available on our Employment Agencies Portal ( EAs may still submit licence-related applications in paper forms by mail, fax and email after the launch of e-EAS.

According to the system setting of e-EAS, all licence-related applications submitted via e-EAS require digital signing by the applicants concerned. Under the existing arrangement, the possession of a registered "iAM Smart+" account is a pre-requisite for enabling the digital signing function to submit applications via e-EAS. In this connection, EAs using e-EAS to submit the aforementioned applications online are required to have their responsible persons registered as "iAM Smart+" users for digital signing via "iAM Smart" mobile app. If you have not yet registered as an "iAM Smart+" user, please make the registration as soon as possible.

For details on registration of "iAM Smart" and procedures to upgrade it to “iAM Smart+”, please call 182 123, visit the thematic website of “iAM Smart” at or send an email to For enquiries regarding e-EAS, please contact the Employment Agencies Administration by calling 2115 3667 or by email at

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