Name of the EA/ Unlicensed EA Address of the EA/Unlicensed EA Date of Conviction Nature of Offence Remarks
Saiko Hong Shop 20, Ground floor, Fook Sing Court, 378 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 18-Mar-24 Attempting to overcharge job seeker
A man 9-Jan-24 Operating an unlicensed employment agency
A man 26-Jun-23 Managing an unlicensed employment agency
A woman 2-Mar-23 Operating an employment agency without a licence


  1. The purposes of providing the lists of EAs convicted of offence(s) of overcharging job-seekers or unlicensed operation, EAs whose licences were revoked/ refused renewal and those were issued written warning(s) for non-compliance with the Code of Practice for Employment Agencies are to facilitate members of the public to review whether an EA has such record. The relevant information shall ONLY be used for the stated purposes.
  2. Records of conviction of overcharging or unlicensed operation offence(s) by the court on or after 10 October 2018 will be published for a period of 24 months, counting from the date of conviction.
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