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The Employment Agencies Administration of the Labour Department is responsible for enforcing Part XII of the Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57), the Employment Agency Regulations (Cap. 57A) and the Code of Practice for Employment Agencies in regulating employment agencies (EAs) through licencing, inspection, complaint investigation and prosecution.

This portal provides a one-stop platform to assist the public to gain access to information relating to the regulation of EAs in Hong Kong, which includes, among others, relevant legislative requirements, application procedures of EA licence and information of EA(s) with valid licence in Hong Kong. Job-seekers and employers may check whether an EA holds a valid licence before using its service and can use the search engine provided in this website to search the EA(s) with valid licence in Hong Kong.

For matters relating to the employment of foreign domestic helpers, please visit the website of the Foreign Domestic Helpers Corner of this department.

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