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Licence of employment agency revoked


A spokesman for the Labour Department (LD) today (July 24) reminded operators of employment agencies (EAs) to conduct their business in compliance with the law and the Code of Practice for EAs at all times.

The LD recently revoked the licence of Good Family Employment Agency Company Limited, an EA located in Kennedy Town, which failed to meet the standards set out in the Code by being involved in the financial matters of job seekers, failing to issue payment receipts to foreign domestic helpers (FDHs), and having its management fail to closely supervise all its staff. Despite repeated warnings given by the Employment Agencies Administration (EAA) of the LD, the EA was unable to rectify the irregularities detected. The Commissioner for Labour was satisfied that the licensee concerned was not a fit and proper person to operate an EA and revoked the licence on grounds under section 53(1)(c)(v) of the Employment Ordinance.

The spokesman said, "The Code sets out the salient legislative requirements that EA operators must observe in operating their business, as well as the minimum standards which the Commissioner expects of EAs. The EAA conducts regular and surprise inspections of EAs and issues warning letters to EAs for contraventions of the Code, so as to rectify any irregularity detected.

"According to the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 that came into effect on February 9, sections 53(1)(c)(iva), 53(1)(d)(iii) and 53(1)(e)(ii) further empower the Commissioner to refuse to issue or renew a licence, or to revoke a licence, if the licensee or the person intending to be the licensee, or a related person of or an individual employed by the licensee or the person intending to be the licensee, has not complied with a code of practice issued under section 62A(1) of the Ordinance."

This is the third case this year involving revocation of or refusal to renew an EA licence. Previously Tin Wai Employment Company Limited, an EA located in Mong Kok and Tuen Mun, had its licence revoked for contravening the Code and providing misleading information during the inspections and enquiries of the EAA. Another EA named JK Company in Mong Kok had its licence renewal refused because its licensee had contravened the Code by failing to draw up service agreements with FDHs and their employers.

For enquiries or complaints about unlicensed operation, overcharging job seekers' commission by EAs and the Code, please call the LD's EAA at 2115 3667, or visit its office at Unit 906, 9/F, One Mong Kok Road Commercial Centre, 1 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon.

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